Smooth Kandla Grey 20mm Vitrified Porcelain Paving 22m2 Patio Pack

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Product Description

Vitrified Outdoor Porcelain Paving Range

Smooth Kandla Grey Mixed Sizes

Our vitrified porcelain is a high quality paving product giving a luxurious modern look to any garden. The vitrified porcelain paving range is machine cut and finished with a slip-resistant texture suitable for British Weather conditions. This non porous paving is also resistant to staining, algae, mould, moss, salts & chemicals making it perfect for a maintenance free finish to your garden or patio without the need of sealing.

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Colour: Light-Mid Grey
Thickness: 20mm
Pack Size: 22m2 (21.06m2 Tile Coverage, 22m2 Pack coverage when laid with a 10mm joint)
Slab Quantity & Size: 18x 900×600, 18x 600×600, 18x 600×295 and 18x 295×295
Slip Rating: R11

Kandla Grey Smooth Porcelain is also available in 900x600mm

We always recommend following the “10% spillage rule” when placing your order. This means ordering an additional 10% of product on top of the square meterage you require for your area. This 10% acts as a buffer to allow for cuts, breakages throughout the installation of the project and breakages that may happen in transit. It also gives you flexibility to put aside colours and textures that you may not want to include in your design and helps to ensure that you have enough product to complete your project.

The paving samples available are an offcut of the selected product and are aimed at giving an idea of the colours and textures. (Typical sample size is 75mmx75mm or 100mmx100mm – sizes can vary)

If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact us on

  • We aim to deliver all orders within 5-7 working days from receipt of order.
  • Next day delivery is available at an extra charge per pallet.
  • Deliveries will be made by a third party courier with a 18-24 ton vehicle using a tail lift and manual pump truck therefore we advise this will be a kerbside drop only.
  • Deliveries can be made anytime between 8am and 6pm and we request that someone is present to sign for the delivery.
  • Please ensure the route to your property is accessible to a 18-24 ton vehicle.  Where access is unsuitable for this size vehicle please call our sales team for advice.
  • Any failed deliveries which require redelivering will incur a charge.

For more information please read our delivery page or contact our sales team on 01782 541605

Smooth Indian Sandstone is an ideal choice for domestic and commercial use.  Extracted from quarries, with natural textures and formations, the stone is then cut down then sawn to get the desired smooth finish.

As this is natural stone, it is very common to get natural imperfections within the stone such as chips or dimples on the slabs and occasional saw marks on the surface from the process the stone goes through.  These are perfectly normal in this type of product and does not impact the performance of the paving.

Variations in tones and colours throughout the paving is also a common feature as well as veining which adds to the appeal of the slabs.

If you are looking for a more uniform paving without the imperfections then we recommend looking at our Vitrified Porcelain range.

Samples are available to purchase on the dropdown menu of each product.




Natural Sandstone is a highly porous material which if laid incorrectly can cause problems overtime.

Reflective Staining is a common occurrence in Smooth Indian Sandstone which has been laid incorrectly.  Laying the slabs on a bed which has been ‘spotted’ or not using a SBR cement slurry primer on the bottom of the slabs prior to laying are the most common reasons why this can occur in Smooth Indian Sandstone.

When laying this paving the slabs must be laid on a full bed of sand and cement mortar.  The slab must make full contact with the mortar and should never be ‘spotted’ by just dotting the mortar.  ‘Spotting’ the slabs can also cause gaps in the mortar under the slabs which can create a weakness in the slabs.

Creating a slurry with our SBR Cement Slurry Primer and adding this to the back of the slabs prior to laying not only helps with adhering the slabs to the mortar but can also help to prevent Reflective Staining.

All natural sandstone paving requires sealing once laid to protect the slabs however we recommend testing all sealers on a small, inconspicuous area first.

Avoid using any acid-based products as this can ruin the stone.


The paving samples are an offcut of the selected product and are aimed at giving an idea of the colours and textures.

Typical sample size is 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm – sizes can vary.

  • We ask that all customer add on an additional 10% (15% for Rainbow Sandstone) of paving to the amount they require when ordering to account for any breakages which could happen in transit or to use as off cuts.
  • We will only replace damages over 10% of the full order. (15% for Rainbow Sandstone)
  • Customers should check the full order upon delivery and inform us of any damages with photographs within 24 hours.
  • Replacements will only be sent as per our Terms and Conditions upon receipt of proof of damages.
  • Natural stone products have colour variations, iron flecks, textures, rivens, markings and tones throughout the paving. Natural markings such as sawn markings, hairline fractures/veins and unique flecks within the paving is natural and must be accepted. These do not defer the quality of the stone and does not make the paving unusable.

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10.53m2 Split Pack, 11.70m2 Split Pack, 12.87m2 Split Pack, 14.04m2 Split Pack, 15.21m2 Split Pack, 22m2 Pack, Sample

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